Saturday, September 19, 2009

Only When I Laugh

By Elliott Joseph

Copyright 2009 Elliott Joseph

October 2009

As you may know, I have been a writer of humor all my life.

I've laughed, I've giggled, I've laughed so hard I've almost choked. So what was I laughing at?

The loss of jobs? The houses all but gone? The tent cities? The futures shattered? The battles against hopelessness? What was so funny? The rising cost of food? The fraud? The so-called health care debate? The big lies? What passes for music? Afghanistan? Iraq? The shouting of newscasters? The mindless speeding of cars in TV commercials? The lack of common courtesy?
The lack of taste?

Why did I always seem to have such a bellyful of laughs? Was it that I didn't care? Was it that I was ignorant? That I saw how difficult it was to get the right thing done? That I saw today's crazy human behavior as remarkably similar to the experiment I witnessed in a college psychology class -- where the environment of laboratory rats was made to be crazy, resulting in crazy rat behavior?

Or was it simply that I laughed because if I didn't laugh I might go crazy myself?

# # #